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 Laser Therapy for Pain

Scientific Reports

The video you are about to see is done through a special  infrared camera to demonstrate  the difference in 1 watt vs 6 watts


The Physiological Effects of Laser Therapy :

Biostimulation including Improved metabolism & Increase of cell metabolism
Improved blood circulation and vasodilatation 
Analgesic effect 
Anti-inflammatory and anti- edematous effects
Stimulation of wound healing Benefits of Laser therapy to Users 
Relieves acute and chronic pains 
Increases the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair 
Increases blood supply 
Stimulates the immune system 
Stimulates nerve function 
Develops collagen and muscle tissue
Helps generate new and healthy cells and tissue 
Promotes faster wound healing and clot formation
Reduces inflammation

Laser or Photobiomodulation in the target tissues  will produce the following actions:

Increase Electromotive action acting on membrane bound ion channels
Increase Intracellular & extracellular ion gradient changes

Increase Nerve Conduction
Increase Capillary Dilation

Releases Nitric Oxide
Increase ATP Production
Increase Fibroblast Migration
Increase Macrophage activity
Increase Keratinocyte activity
Increase RNA DNA Synthesis
Increase EnzymeProduction
Increase SOD Production

Acupuncture meridian point stimulation

Clinical Effects
Reduced spasm
Pain relief
Increased circulation
Improved healing
Improved flexibility
Improved function
Reduced symptoms associated with osteoarthritis


Some need science some need visuals,
 before and after. 
You can view the before and after pictures and many case studies in the
testimonial section

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