Laser Therapy for Pain

Links: Reports, Abstracts, Organizations
Reports: Case Studies

Why Class 4 laser.pdf

Research studies using Class 4.pdf

Nerve Repair and Function.pdf

Class IV Therapy Lasers - Vickers and Harrington - 1-2009.pdf

Understanding the effects of Photobiomodulation.pdf

Shoulder Impingement

Chronic Chord Compression Radiculopathy

Cervicogenic or Vertebrogenic Headaches

Scientific Abstracts:

Asthma & Laser
Neck & Back Pain
Pleurisy & Lasers
Lung Infections
Spinal Cord Injury 


Laser World
In depth information about laser therapy from physicians and clinics all over the world. Full of links to learn more about laser therapy.

World Association for Laser Therapy ( WALT ) 
International Laser Therapy Association (ILTA) and International Society for Laser Application In Medicine (ISLAM), unified to pursue the common goals of research, education and clinical application of laser.


  Link to the Klaser Library:
which has white papers,reports,case studies and more on lasers, with result on studies done.

 Contact Dr McGinnis, he has had 8  years experience using the class IV in his practice.
He has trained
across the USA and Canada on using the class IV laser.








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